IPU Culture aims to build a lare platform for global art exchange and integration, promote non-governmental exchanges in the field of art, and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields of culture, art, economy, trade and finance between China and other countries.

In early 2015, IPU Culture launched the "Silk Journey To Art" World Tour Exhibition Initiative. From September 10 to 15 of that year, IPU Culture held the "Silk Journey To Art" Beijing Original exhibition Painting Exhibition at the The China Millennium Monument in Beijing, China. Nearly 200 works by 50 painters from 30 countries and regions were stunningly unveiled, creating an international precedent for multinational artists' world tour.

From June 23 to 27, 2018, IPU Culture "Silk Journey To Art" Singapore Art Exhibition displayed more than 200 works created by more than 100 well-known painters in more than 40 countries and regions, which was widely recognized by Singapore's art world and art market.

The "Silk Journey To Art" World Tour Exhibition aims to explore the diverse forms and meanings of calligraphy and painting through the display and academic exchange of works, promote the extension of calligraphy and painting and the development of international business through the active involvement of artists in artistic concepts and discourse. The scale of the "Silk Journey To Art" World Tour Exhibition is unprecedented both in China and internationally, and has been recognized by the international art community as a new business card for world cultural and artistic exchanges.

The "Silk Journey To Art" World Tour Exhibition has been considered as a "bridge" to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in all aspects of world culture, economy, trade and finance, which also enhance mutual understanding and friendship between people of all world countries. Under the new situation of world social and economic development, IPU Culture  use ART to spread positive energy, promote the spirit of solidarity and peace, and make unremitting efforts to achieve "development of friendly relations between countries and promotion of international cooperation."

Besides art exhibitions and international art exchanges,IPU Culture has also carried out various business activities such as "Project inspection, capital docking, international trade, corporate publicity, and development of derivatives",etc.

In the future, IPU Culture will launch a series of art field projects in more than 50 countries, so that the world's non-governmental cultural and economic exchanges will continue flourishing.

Under the new opportunities and prospects, IPU Culture invite you to join in,prospering the world culture and art together.


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